The closed joint-stock company "Byelorussian transport company” offers a wide range of services on cargo forwarding and transporting:

 Preliminary calculation of tariffs for rail transportations from the station of departure up to the station of destination, presenting information about the cost, route and optimization of conditions of cargo transportations of different kinds and names.

 Forwarding of transit, export-import cargoes on the territory of the countries of the CIS, Baltic, East and Western Europe, Central Asia.

 Motor transportations on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Baltic nations, countries of the CIS, East and Western Europe. The company has its own fleet of motor vehicles and an expeditionary bureau (branches in Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow) for carrying out international motor transportations.

Transshipment of refrigerated, container and dry bulk cargoes in Baltic ports (Ventspils, Riga, Klaipeda).

Logistics of railway transportations (loading and fastening according to TU and schemes, working out and coordination of schemes of fastening of outsize cargoes, exams passing in all departments of the Byelorussian Railway, presenting information on forwarding on the Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Russian Railways, etc., vans’ reservation)

 Development of software for transport companies.


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